Jacketed Reactor Manufacturer in Pune, India

We Ness India Engineers from Pune, Maharshtra are a leading chemical reactor manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. As we used superior and high grade stainless steel material for manufacturing chemical reactors, we are also popular as a Stainless steel Reactor manufacturer in the markets.

Our industry offers different kinds of stainless steel chemical reactors such as limpeted reactor, jacketed reactors, GMP reactor, mixing vessels etc.

Jacketed Reactor Manufacturer in India

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of jacketed reactor in India. We offer jacketed reactor with different sizes and specifications as per customer’s requirements. Our wide ranges of products are used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and so on. It is highly applicable for heat transfer applications such as heating and cooling of water, oil, steam etc.

Our expert professionals work on designing and fabrication of jacketed reactor for maintaining its quality as long as possible. These reactors are made with material used stainless steel in vertical shaped.

The main vessel of the reactor is surrounded by outer jacket, so it is named as jacketed reactor. In the jacket, heating or cooling media are circulated and it helps to control and manipulate the temperature of the reactants while reactions.

Our Demands in Market

As we are well-known as a jacketed reactor manufacturer in the markets, we manufactured premium quality jacketed reactor at international standards. We are supplying these high quality reactors to various kinds of industries for heating and cooling purposes. These reactors are commonly used for steam heating and water cooling purposes.

Key Features:

  • Vertical
  • Super Finishing materials
  • Sturdy construction
  • Acts as Heat Transfer media
  • Variety of sizes
  • Costs Effective
  • Less maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum Pressure : 0-3 Kg
  • Maximum Temperature : 150 centigrade
  • Storage Capacity : 10000 liter
  • Material Used : SS (Stainless Steel)
  • Material Grade : SS 304


Steam heating, water cooling

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