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Nutsche Filter Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Nes India Engineers is a well-known company which is one of these Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Nutsche Filter in Goa. We offer a comprehensive range of Nutsche Filter for various commercial and industrial applications. It has been used in many industries for many years.

What Is Nutsche Filter, Its Construction And Uses?

Nutsche Filter is a device that removes the air bubbles from the liquid before it enters into the fermenter. It is an essential piece of equipment for breweries and wineries. It consists of porous material, which allows smaller particles to pass through it without being filtered out while larger particles are blocked out by their size and cannot pass through it. It is made up of two concentric cylindrical vessels, one with a perforated bottom and the other with a solid bottom. The vessels are connected by an opening in their side walls. The liquid to be filtered flows from an outside vessel through this opening into the inside vessel where it passes through the perforated bottom and then out of the filter through another opening in its side wall. The filter consists of two layers of fine mesh with sand in between. The first layer is coarse and the second layer is finer mesh, which filters out particles from water that are larger than 0.1 microns.

The Nutsche filter is used as a pre-treatment for other filters to prevent clogging. It typically consists of a cylindrical metal vessel with an inlet and outlet. The vessel has a perforated metal sheet on the bottom, through which the liquid enters and exits, while solids are retained on the top surface of the sheet.

Uses of Nutsche Filter

  • It is used to extract oil from water
  • It is a device that can be used to filter out particles from fluids
  • Removal of impurities and suspended solids that are present in water
  • Removes particulate matter from the air
  • filtering gas turbine fuel

Applications of Nutsche Filter

Water treatment and oil production, furnace system, power plants, oil & gas industry, petroleum