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Pressure Nutsche Filter (PNF) Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Nes India Engineers are the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Pressure Nutsche Filter in India. It can be manufactured by using many different materials, but the most common material used for manufacturing this type of filter is carbon steel. The carbon steel has to be made from high quality material and also needs to be heat treated before it can be processed into a PNF. Pressure Nutsche Filter (PNF) is a type of filter that is used in industrial applications. The main purpose of it is to remove the particles from the gas stream.

Construction And Principle Of Pressure Nutsche Filter (PNF)

It is a type of water filter which uses a combination of pressure and gravity to remove suspended particles from the water. The PNF has two chambers: the first chamber contains clean water while the second chamber contains dirty water. This two-chamber design allows for high-pressure cleaning with low back pressure to ensure that all particles are removed from the system. The Pressure Nutsche Filter (PNF) Sometimes, other types of materials are also used like stainless steel or ceramic because they have better corrosion resistance than carbon steel and they are lighter weight.

The PNFs are usually made up of a series of screens with different mesh sizes, which are arranged in such a way that the smaller particles are trapped by the screens with larger openings. The Pressure Nutsche Filter Manufacturers is often used for removing sand, grit, and other coarse solids from water. It is a type of pressure filter that can be used to remove particles from a liquid stream and is composed of two concentric cylindrical chambers, with the inner chamber containing the filtering medium and the outer chamber containing a fluid under pressure.

The PNFs work on the principle that when pressure increases downstream of the filter, it will squeeze out any loose particles and reduce their size to fit through the holes in the screen while allowing clean water to flow through unimpeded.

Best Features & benefits of Pressure Nutsche Filter (PNF)

  • It reduces operational costs by eliminating chemical usage in order to purify or treat the water.
  • This type of Filter is an efficient way to provide clean drinking water and it is a type of pressure filter which is used in industrial applications.

Applications of Pressure Nutsche Filter (PNF)

Mining , power plants, petrochemical, oil and gas refineries, pharmaceuticals, food processing industries and many more.