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Chemical Agitated Reactor Manufacturers in India

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Nes India Engineers are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Chemical Agitated Reactors in India. Our chemical agitated reactor manufacturers in India have a wide variety of products to offer their clients. The standard quality products are available at an affordable price which helps us to compete with other companies.

Our chemical agitated reactor suppliers in India have a team of professionals who provide high-quality services to customers across the globe. Our reactor products are used in industries like pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, petrochemicals, and others.

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Chemical Agitated Reactor (CAR) is a nuclear reactor. It is a type of nuclear power plant that uses water and chemicals to create steam which drives turbines to generate electricity. It consists of two primary parts: the core and the pressure vessel. The pressure vessel is made up of steel, while the core is made up of a mixture of uranium and thorium.

Chemical Agitated Reactor is a new type of reactor that uses chemical agitation to accelerate the reaction. This process is used to increase the production rate of products. The main purpose of Chemical Agitated Reactor is to produce electricity, but they also produce heat for industrial purposes such as manufacturing, medicine production, or oil refining.


The reactor is usually made up of an enclosed vessel with a pressure vessel in the center, into which the reactants are pumped by means of a high-pressure pump and then introduced into the pressure vessel by means of an entryway and exitway.

The reaction takes place in this enclosed environment, which can be pressurized from outside the vessel by pumping in air through a valve. This air is used as an oxidant for generating heat within the pressure vessel during the reaction.


  • The CER is an innovative technology that helps to produce high quality products with low costs. Its main advantage lies in its ability to produce hydrogen at low cost as compared to other types of reactors.
  • The CER reduces the capital costs by reducing the number of spent fuel rods and by using less material which makes it economical to operate.
  • It also helps in producing large quantities of hydrogen without many pollutants as compared to other types of reactors such as the steam reactor or fast breeder reactors (FBR).

This process is used in many different types of reactors including eutectic reactors, pressurized water reactors, and fluidized bed reactor. Chemical Agitated Reactor processes can be used in many different industries, such as food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more.

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