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Nes India Engineers are the most leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Twin Shaft Mixers in India. We Twin Shaft Mixers exporters in India have been around for more than 18 years and have successfully managed to bring quality products at affordable prices.

We Twin Shaft Mixer manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters are offering the best quality products at affordable prices. We Twin Shaft Mixer suppliers in India are also providing innovative and creative designs in all their products. We make high quality mixer machines that are used for mixing different types of food and drinks.

The Twin Shaft Mixers are manufactured by using top quality material and latest technology. The twin shaft mixers can be procured from us at very low rates. Twin Shaft Mixers manufacturers in India offer a wide range of this mixer in different specifications like twin shaft, big spindle, high speed mixer, universal mixer etc.


The Twin Shaft Mixer is a fully featured mixer machine which can perform multiple tasks simultaneously to make sure that there will be no downtime in the production process.

It can also be used for mixing concrete, plaster, paint, sand and other materials to ensure that they are mixed uniformly. Twin Shaft Mixer is a good brand in the market and it is known for its high-end quality products. The Twin Shaft Mixer is one of the top products in its category and it has been designed by engineers with years of experience in their field.

An Overview

The Twin Shaft Mixer is a new type of mixer. It has two shafts, one for mixing and one for mixing the liquid. The mixer can be adjusted to produce high-quality results in different applications.

It is a type of mixer that can be used to mix two shafts, mixing them in the same direction. It combines the advantages of mixing two shafts with one mixer. It is a product that will help customers save time and money by reducing the need for multiple tools, which are often not as effective or efficient as one mixer.

The mixer features a long life, extended range and excellent power handling capability. It can mix up to two shafts at the same time. It is used for mixing cement and sand, or silica sand and water.


Twin Shaft Mixer is a tool that helps you to mix different materials in a more effective way. It can be used for mixers, centrifuges, and other industrial applications. Uses for the Twin Shaft Mixer include:

  • Industrial mixing
  • Paving and road building
  • Construction of ports and dams
  • Building towers for telecommunications towers
  • Dam foundations

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