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Twin Shaft Mixer Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Nes India Engineers are the most leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Twin Shaft Mixer in Nagpur. We have been using Twin Shaft Mixers for years now, as it has the most suitable climate for their production. They can also be used for many other purposes such as grinding, blending, and cutting.

We provide superior quality Twin Shaft Mixer that is used in industries such as sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical. It can be used to mix up anything from sugarcane juice to chemicals. It is a type of machine used for mixing and kneading different types of dough. The machine is designed to allow the dough to be mixed evenly and thoroughly.

Introduction and Construction of Twin Shaft Mixer

Twin Shaft Mixer is a type of industrial mixer that is used to mix and blend different ingredients. They can be used to mix dry and wet ingredients together. It is known by different names depending on the country or region, but the basic function remains the same. The mixer is often called a 'dough blender' in countries like India and Bangladesh.

It has two shafts which are connected to an electric motor. The shafts rotate in opposite directions, which helps the mixer to create a vortex effect and break down the mixture better. This vortex creates a finer powder or liquid than if it was mixed with just one shaft. In this type of mixer, there are two shafts which rotate in opposite directions. One shaft is fixed while the other rotates with the help of an electric motor. The rotation helps to mix the ingredients effectively and uniformly. These mixers can be either horizontal or vertical with two sets of blades rotating at different speeds to ensure thorough mixing of all ingredients.

Applications of Twin Shaft Mixer

  • Chemical, - mix or blend different kinds of chemicals
  • Food Industry : to mix granules with liquids, such as sugar with water or salt with water and many other food ingredients
  • Pharmaceuticals – to mix drugs chemicals
  • construction industry: to mix the components of concrete such as sand, gravel, and cement
  • Restaurants, bars - mix ingredients for cocktails or shakes
  • Paint
  • Bakery, dairy
  • Cosmetics